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Hello World (again)

I don’t have a great track record with blogs. First, there was the 2007 Blogger site, promoting my high school web design company. Those bits long ago succumbed to the march of entropy, scattered like dust on the winds of the web.

Then in 2009, there was the Wordpress blog. I wrote about video production projects and technology. The Wayback Machine still remembers, though I doubt anyone else would. I barely do - that archive also reports that I redesigned it on a new domain in 2011, and redesigned it again in 2012 - I’d forgotten both! The wonders of digital archeology…

My final post there, just as I finished undergrad in 2013, said a lot in a few short sentences. Like many new grads, I had big ambitions and no idea about what to do with them. A few months later, no doubt looking for a fresh foundation upon which to build all my dreams, I took down the site altogether, leaving only a Walden quote in its place.

In 2015 (by this point we have git, the great chonicler of text, to tell the tale), I repurposed the blog’s domain as a mini-CV. Now the second blog was truly gone, too.

I don’t know what the fate of this blog will be. I suspect it won’t be lost to the abyss, the way the first one was. Freed from the tyranny of dynamic code execution, it also seems more likely than the second to live on in its true form, persisting in whole beyond the Internet Archive’s fragmented memories. But it remains to be seen whether that life will be one of rich new experiences or lonely neglect.

Time will tell. The story begins…